I am tired of people ignoring relationships. I am tired of being a part of conversations about the “lack-of-time” for tools that build community value and relationships. 

Have we still not dropped over the edge? When you are reading studies that tout figures like:


  • 36% of Internet users post opinions about products and brands online
  • 84% of buyers look for opinions on products and brands online
When you have conversations centered around the number of people reading the news on the Internet far outreaching the number of people reading the newspaper… how can you keep ignoring it? 
We are a group of people that yearn to be known by the brands we love. We are emotionally connected to everything we buy whether it is a candle, pair of shoes, or a marketing service. We want to be heard and we hate being ignored. 
When you are a small business owner.. You ARE your company. Your life revolves around the business you are trying to build and your personality shines through every service offering and product. Every small business owner should be using social media.
  • Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIN. Pick one site. 
  • Spend 15-30 minutes a day updating your profile.
  • Measure the time spent versus potential leads
  • Just do it
Maybe it wont work. Maybe your clients don’t care about who you are or who you are representing. I would venture to say that concept is COMPLETELY false in the small business work.
Try it. Just try the tool. If you need help don’t hesitate to ask questions. 
Spend another $500-$3000 on marketing mediums that are dying slowly. 
Your choice. Your company.



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