It is pretty simple. Just as the title states. Here are ten blog posts you should be reading. Cross my heart and hope to die. 🙂

I am loving the following posts and you will too.

1. Decide Your Perfect Customer by Ribeezie

2. Obama and His Secretive New Blackberry by Zee from Next Web

3. Job Hunting with Social Media by Barry Hurd of 123 Social Media

4. The Five Pillars of Success by Seth Godin

5. Doing What You Love Can Lead to Much More than Happiness by Gary Vaynerchuk

6. Pepsi Set to Ambush Obama by Pat Coyle at Sports Marketing 2.0

7. College Admission Offices Lead the Way with Social Media by Brad J Ward

8. Cloud Computing in 2009: A Trend in Hosting by David Castor of Alerding Castor

9. Scribd Your Own Script by Social Butterfly

10. American Apparel Getting it Right by Socialized

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