I’m tired… and I do not think it is from the daily grind or the work load at Brandswag. I am pretty sure it is from all the BS that is circulating in the world of social media and marketing.

I’m tried of reading blog posts about the death of social media experts or how there is no such thing as an expert (I’ve written a couple myself)… or the rise of the new “PR” firm. I’m tired of listening to people drone on about the importance of ONLY using traditional marketing and how social media is just… not for everyone (preaching to the choir here).

Hot air. Hot air. Hot air.

There are plenty of ways to use social media (research, marketing, customer support, internal communications). There are plenty of ways to make money off of yellow pages. Yes, you should still be sending out traditional press releases and YES… you should be using traditional means to meet and sell clients.

It is all about integration… whether you like it or not… social media is going to be around and traditional marketing will still be important. They will be one… one powerful force for customer communication.

Shouldn’t the main goal of your daily routine be making money for your clients? Shouldn’t the main goal be delivering creative and strategic programs to create SUCCESS? We all like a good argument but if the argument was made 10 months ago about social media or marketing… you probably shouldn’t bring it up again.

We can play the edge for a long time and I have done it with success… but it is time to focus on the success of clients and business… not the success of an idea or ego.

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