I know.. a little egotistical right? That’s why I am splitting it down the middle! My top 10 posts from 2009 and my favorite post from the REAL geniuses of social media.

Just trying to showcase the more popular (community driven) posts from 2009. I am going to be taking the rest of the week off in the beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA to be with family. I can’t wait to hook back up in 2010! Have a restful and joyous holiday week!

My Favorite Posts of 2009

  1. The Magic of Dynamic Pricing from Seth Godin
  2. The Four Spheres of Social Media Strategy from Jason Falls
  3. 11 Must-Dos for the Serious Blogger from Jay Baer
  4. Sometimes, You Need To Fire a Customer by Lorraine Ball
  5. So What’s Facebook Good For? from Chris Baggott
  6. User Experience is Not A Check Box from Travis Smith
  7. Are You An Elephant or a Butterly? from Douglas Karr
  8. The Top 100 Twitter Publishing Tools and Services by Brian Solis
  9. Becoming a Social Business from Shannon Paul
  10. Death of the Brochure and more Verbal Masturbation by Duncan Alney

My Top Posts of 2009

  1. 20 Ways to Drive Leads Through Social Media
  2. Customers Are People First. Marketers Are Fundamentally Flawed.
  3. 10 Ways to Build Trust with Social Media
  4. When Should Business Engage in Social Media
  5. Balancing Perception and Reality in Social Media
  6. 10 Tips to Integrating Social Media with Marketing
  7. Is Out Sourcing Social Media Okay?
  8. 5 Things I Have Learned as a Generation Y Business Owner
  9. The Three E’s of Social Media: Embrace Educate and Empower
  10. Twitter Usage Plan for Success
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