photo I have been searching for books that contain leadership information and content that I can use on Twitter when it comes to sharing information about leading companies. Kevin Eikenberry, renowned author and speaker, recently sent me a Twitter book that fulfilled all my desires. The book is called #LeadershipTweet and is filled to the brim with noteworthy leadership quotes to get me through the day. (I’m not kidding… I did love the book). I thought I would write a brief review of the book while listing some of the leadership tweets he has documented over the past couple of years.

The book breaks down into 4 sections plus a short foreword by the one and only, Chris Brogan. The sections include leadership actions, thoughts, inspiration, and how we can learn from one another to become better leaders.

I wanted to list 15 of my favorite leadership tweets from the book.

1. Remarkable leaders translate vision into reality

2. People don’t resist change; they resist being changed

3. Want better ideas? Create MORE ideas

4. Strive to be a leader who learns and a learner who leads

5. Remarkable leaders have formed a habit of doing things that average leaders don’t like to do

6. Remarkable leaders are willing to make bold decisions

7. Make a choice to make a different. Make a choice to lead

8. Great listening starts with an open heart and a curious mind

9. Your belief in someone’s potential is the first step towards helping them develop it

10. Be authentic–you will be a more successful leader (and person)

11. Remarkable leaders are network builders

12. Remarkable leaders are accountable for their actions

13. Remarkable leaders communicate with others in a way that is best for the other person

14. Remarkable learders communicate powerfully through stories.

15. Resistance is energy that leaders use to move change forward.

As you can already tell… the book is packed full of great ideas for leadership for 2010! You should definitely go check out the book. Follow this link to read thoughts, ideas, and inspiration from Kevin Eikenberry and the world of Twitter!

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