I know. I know. Everyone writes a post like this..blah blah blah.

Looking back at the last year… recanting exciting testimonials of accomplishing goals and just being generally… excited!
There is nothing wrong with “looking back at the year” posts which is why I am writing this today.

I can be a cynic and a little negative but not during the Holiday! :-)

Speaking of accomplishing goals…

This post is actually number 500 on this blog. Crazy right? 500 posts about everything from Twitter marketing, Liberty Tax girl I almost hit with my car, music, and grammar in blog writing.

First off, thanks to everyone who reads, comments, and joins in the overall human think tank known as the Internet. I absolutely love everything about social media and the thought process behind community engagement!

I am going to be taking the next week off to be with my family and to recharge for 2010. I thought I would post the top 5 blog posts from 2009 for the next week.

Top 4 Things from 2009

  • We have had a great year over at Brandswag with Brandon Coon, Amy Rowe, Stephen Coley, and Austin Wechter. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients
  • I wrote Twitter Marketing for Dummies (with the help of Erik Deckers and the wonderful staff at Wiley Publishing
  • Finally broke into the top 150 Ad Age Blogs… but it fluctuates all the time.
  • Was humbled to be able to present at Re/Max Indiana Sales Rally, MBO Conference,  and Hoosier Hospitality Conference

We are blessed to live and be able to create content and conversation in this age of technology. Remember that. BRING IT ON 2010!

And my one prediction: Google is going to buy Twitter.

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