Why is it so hard for businesses to change? 

I was reading a post by Jay Deragon over at the Relationship-Economy blog called Do You Lead or Follow Change?   The post is a great read about being proactive instead of reactive in this HUGE communication shift we are experiencing… the communication shift that is disrupting not only marketing but the entire business process. It got me to thinking about how we talk about social media and how we use social media. The more conversations that we (Brandswag) are involved in… the more I realize that there is a fine line between companies that will change and companies that will NEVER… EVER… change.

The problem with being reactive to the social media and the Internet is that… you really don’t have a choice. In order to evolve and grow your business you must be at least learning about social media.  

I can listen to people spew disagreements about using a tool that is connecting millions… millions… and millions of people. I can nod my head and agree to some of their arguments because in reality they might be true (yah right). 

But there is more… I can watch you (and your company) stumble through the next 2 years when  your competition is moving a mile a minute…

and you are still sending out 10,000 postcards without a website.

Read. Evolve. Change. Lead.

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