I have been following the writings of Jon Gatrell of Spatially Relevant and I would recommend all of the people reading this post to subscribe to his blog. It has some great content. I was reading his post about the 2009 Mountain Social Media Summit. I found what they are focusing on to be really interesting. This is straight from the site:

The 2009 Mountain Social Media Summit focuses on the 4 P’s of Social Media: Personas, Problems, Projects and Profits.

Personas: Who leverages social media, what are the opportunities and why is social media important in a personal, professional and commercial context.

Problems: What challenges exist for social marketers? What problems does media address? What problems exist for social media. Understand the opportunities, obstacles and value social media can bring to your business or your personal growth.

Projects: Understanding use cases and case studies which highlight key lessons and themes which are important.

Profits: Where is the market opportunity, revenue channels and process improvements. Can social media increase customer acquisition, drive cost reduction and improve customer/market awareness?

Good stuff right!? What I found interesting is that anyone can relate the 4 Ps of Social Media to their own strategy. When you are building a social media strategy for your company or organization follow the Mountain Social Media Summit and focus on the 4 Ps.

Personas: Who are you trying to target with your social media strategy? Are there different sites online that cater to this specific demographic? Are you targeting Baby Boomers? Try Eons or the growing trend on Facebook. Focus on targeting the personas of your social media strategy first. The rest will come with ease.

Problems: There are three main problems that arise for businesses and organization when using social media: Time, ROI, and the Learning Curve.  The problems need to ad addressed before you can walk down the social media marketing route. Time management, metrics, and education are the answer to the social media problems… which in the long run will just lead to fear.

Projects: Learn and read what other people are doing in the social media. Track your competitors and constantly read about changes and trends in your industry. If you are still hesitant to use social media try a small project on the side and watch the results. You will be surprised!

Profits: Measure. Measure. Measure. Measure. Measure. You will only be able to relate success to social media if you measure the social media tools you are using.

Remember the 4Ps. Write them down if you have to or just attend the 2009 Moutain Social Media Summit.  Believe me, It will be worth every second and every penny.

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