I have been skimming around the Internet lately trying to find some new reading material. As I was skimming I decided to quit the skim and start looking through Twitter to find new reading material.

After a couple of hours looking through Twitter… I have added 25 new blogs to my RSS feed. I loved their stuff and you should check them out as well.

1. Justin Williams and Social Media Vision

2. Winning Workplaces Team Blog

3. GAC Consultants

4. ZTA Photography

5. SEO Aly

6. David Spinks

7. Dario Fauri

8. In the Hand of Dante

9. Converstations

10. BlogSchmog

11. Publishing 2.0

12. GeekSugar

13. Social Media Snippets

14. KD Paine’s PR Measurement Blog

15. Tony Scelzo

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