(hat tip to ZDNEt and Chris McEvoy for the lead)

From ZDNet:

“With no notice, Twitter yesterday “pulled the rug out from under its developers” one developer says, by discouraging auto-following and imposing 1,000 person-per-day following limits.”

Now… this is not news to me because of the “pulling the rug out from under its developers” thing or the 1,000 person-per-day following limit… The news to me as a Twitter user… I don’t really remember getting a message or alert that the new limits were going to be enacted. I use Twitter on a daily basis. It seems fairly odd that I would not know about the change.

Other than me having a selfish ego trip… what do I really think about the change?

I think it is excellent that Twitter is keeping people from using an Auto-Follow feature. It adds personality into a website that is growing by leaps and bounds and has the potential of turning into another worthless spam whore. By keeping people from auto-following each other you force people to really think about who they are connecting with, which in my mind makes the site more valuable.

What do you think about the change?

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