I am fairly new at using Twitter. The concept and usefulness of the tool is by far one of the best on the web. I have been noticing an increasing trend in something I find completely worthless: Auto-Response. Whether you are using an @reply or a DM auto response I would prefer not to get them in my Inbox.

The beauty of social media is that (when used right) it turns into a BRILLIANT permission based marketing tool. Do you know what Auto-Response tools bring to social media? Nothing. An Auto-Response tool is simple a selfish method of promoting yourself or saving YOURSELF time. Notice a trend? Yourself.

I don’t care how much time you save using an AR tool. I wasted MY time reading your anti-relationship building response tool.

I don’t have much patience for someone who cannot take the time to type out a DM or a @reply. They are either:

A) Just using twitter as a marketing tool and don’t care about anything else.
B) They are extremely busy and wont be using Twitter much anyway.

Both reasons are enough for me to unfollow someone who uses an automated response system. Social Media is built on authentic communication and relationship building. If you want to break that down…Break it down somewhere else.

If you want to send me an auto-response be prepared to find my name in your Qwitter box shortly afterwards.

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