We are evolving.

I have probably used the word 50000 times since starting this blog. The concept of evolution is not new. As a human race we evolve on a daily basis. So why the breakdown in the evolution of communication?

Marketing departments are dying.. and it is not a slow death.

The professional marketing world is quickly flipping… churning.. burning through old thought patterns… and (hopefully) emerging on the better side of customer relationship management.

You are managing your customer relationships using communication.. you also gain customers by using marketing. We all know that every facet of your company is a marketing vehicle… from the delivery boy to the CEO.

It is important to embrace new forms of communication from the newspaper to the radio… the television to the Internet. This is no longer about “social media” this is about adapting to the changing environment.

The last question posed is this…
What happens when you don’t evolve?
You die.
What’s the next step?

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