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What goals do you have when it comes to your social media use?

I recently had a fellow blogger, Scot Duke of Mr Business Golf, post a comment in regards to a article I had written regarding trying hard to reach your goals and being persistent in social media. His comment to my post:

Good advice, but what if you have been knocked down more times than a bowling pin and gotten up more times than the Energizer Bunny and still are not generating a following large enough to make it worth the while? Changing gears and changing stages are the natural thing to do to keep it going, but what else can be done when all the mapping and consistency is not paying off? There are REAL people who would like to know.

It was interesting to me that Scot used “worth-the-while” to explain the return on investment he was expecting from social media.  Seth Godin responded to this comment by saying that sometime a plan B is the best route. Sometimes plan C, D, E, and F are necessary too to reach your goals in social media.

So what does worth-the-while mean in social media. What happens when everything you do and have done in the past just does not work? Should you reevaluate your goals? Change your tactics for the 200th time? Or just give up?

Well we all know that giving up is never the right option. The truth of the matter could be that your worth-the-while is missing the point and is not aligned with your goals. Scot made it a point to throw his goal out there:

My goal is like everyone else, to make what I do worth-while which I don’t think is a flaw in my goal but maybe the arena I am battling in.

Your strategy being worth-the-while could mean many things. Maybe it is more money in your pocket as a direct result from social media? Maybe it is an increase in search engine rankings? Maybe it is just to gain a little brand recognition in the process of having some fun.

If you find yourself struggling to figure out what is Worth-Your-While you are probably doing something wrong.

Re-adjust. Try againMake it a hobby instead of a chore. If it still doesn’t work… try something else. Add it into another strategy plan. If you are not having fun in the social media world you need to try something else.

Life and business life cycles are too short to be doing something you dislike.

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