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On occasion I will write a post regarding something Seth Godin has written on his blog (this is an understatement). A couple of days ago Seth wrote a post entitled Failure As An Event. In the post he talks about some of the big failures in his life and the lessons he learned from them.

After reading the post, I started thinking about the concept of getting back up after you have been knocked down. The concept of never-ending strength in driving toward specific goals in life is extremely important to long term success. This is especially true for all of the “social media junkies” or “soon to be junkies” out there.

There will be times when you fail in the blogging arena. You may write a bad post. You may miss your personal or company deadline for a post. Heck, you may even forget to write for a couple of days! Or experience a huge decline in readership despite your best writing (or so you thought).

This also applies to taking the time and being persistent in social media. Everything you do online should be mapped out and organized. Do you want to post 10 times a week? Do it and try to do it consistently. When you miss a date…keep going forward.

It takes time to see any type of return in the social media world. Set out ambitious goals for yourself in regards to your social media use. Mix it in with some traditional marketing. Figure out how it fits in your overall strategy for world domination!

And if you fail…

Get up. Reevaluate. Try again.

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