I was browsing Twitter this morning (I know. It sounds stimulating doesn’t it?) and happened across Tony Robbins Twitter profile. If you have no idea of who Tony Robbins is… go check out his website. He is an extremely influential speaker and thought leader in the world of personal development. I was surprised to find that Tony Robbins very rarely used Twitter for communication.. only the broadcasting of messages.

Some may say that Mr. Robbins is accomplishing communication by using social media tools to spread a message… unfortunately he is not. Communication is a two way street and unfortunately, one-way messages rarely harness the power of social media.

What if Tony were to take 30 minutes a week to respond to his fans and supporters? What if Tony were to utilize the some 750,000 people following him on Twitter? He is probably accomplishing some type of thought leadership and a hint of viral marketing by continuing to use Twitter in this manner… but the roads that could be forged if he did more than just USED the tool… endless.

What can you learn from Tony Robbins about Twitter? Move from automation to emotion. You can automate anything in the world but it takes the human quality out of the process. Take some time and add personal c0mmunication into your Twitter strategy. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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