5 Posts that I have been diving into on this snowy, ugly, Indiana day.

1. 123SocialMedia: by Barry Hurd
Post: Social Media Examples – Marketing Your Brand

“Social media marketing has been changing the way business utilize communication technology, combining different mindsets with flexible rules and non-existent standards.”

2. Logic + Emotion: By David Armano
Post: The 4 C’s of Community

“Quality content is a great way to attract the people who are needed to form the elusive community that your brand is hoping will to help build. When considering community initiatives, there are three questions to ask yourself.”

3. Amber.Rae: By Amber Rae
Post: Picasa Rocks

“Picasa pops up on the screen. “Sure why not, I’ll give you a try,” I think to myself. Two words: PHENOMENAL program. It’s very simple to use and the output is fantastic. I’m hooked! It’s comparatively similar to iPhoto (can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but maybe even better!) and the “I’m Feeling Lucky” and “Auto Contrast” tools work flawlessly.”

4. Compendium Blog: By Ali Sales
Post: 3 Most Important Blog Success Factors

“If your bounce rate is over 90%, that might be a bad thing. I say “might” because your blogging goal should be to move someone on to a next step. If your readers are so compelled by what you are talking about and want to move to your call-to-action within a few seconds, then great!”

5. ChrisBrogan: By Chris Brogan
Post: How Alltop Powers Bloggers

“Keep track of what your competitors are writing about. Alltop displays the last five stories of over one-hundred sites and blogs for topics ranging from adoption to zoology with 400 topics in between.”

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