I was reading a post by Megan Glover over at the wonderful company Compendium (check them out) called 5 Blogging Goals Every Marketer Should Consider. Her post is excellent but there was one thing missing: the human touch.

Here are the top 5 Blogging Goals Every Marketer Should Consider:

1. Increase organic search traffic.

2. Boost referral traffic to my website.

3. Generate more inbound leads.

4. Increase email and catalog subscriptions.

5. Sell more product.

Now before you go all haywire on me and send hate mail… I do think this list is excellent but there is a part of me that still holds onto the communication goals of every marketer and PR firm:

1. Communication: You should email all commenters and give them a “Thank You” for posting on your blog.

2. Talk About What YOU Do: Your personality needs to shine through no matter what you are selling. Tell stories about helping clients and clients helping each other.

It is really dependent on your strategy and the product you sell but there is always the chance that you will focus TOO much on selling your product or service and alienate the people that could become TRUE evangelists.

If you want to become a thought leader in you industry you need to talk more about What You Do not about your product.

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