I have been debating (with myself) recently about the concept of using social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIN, Blogs, and Twitter as sales tools. A recurring picture keeps popping into my mind of a kettle warming on a stove waiting to boil over.. at just the right time.

Selling in social media can be directly related to the concept of the “slow boil.” You are producing content and creating relationships in the online environment that is slowly building your reputation as a thought leader. Your readers and your fans will be constantly involved in the conversation and trusting your advice when it comes to a specific topic or problem.

What happens when they reach a pain point? What happens when they realize they need your guidance and support?

I would venture to guess that it is going to be much easier to sell a prospect when they trust your opinion even before you walk in the door.

What do you think? Is social media a viable sales tool?

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