Yesterday, I had the pleasure of participating in a first hand account of how Twitter can drive a customer to a place of business. This, my friends, is the story:

I have been wanting (for awhile now) to get my second tattoo. It has been a self-debate on how much I should spend, where I should go to be “tatted,” and what tattoo I should ink into my skin. I finally came to the point where I was ready to take the dive and step out into the world of tattooing but I had one more question to answer:

Where should I go for a tattoo?

I decided to ask the Twitter world where I should get my tattoo because I believe in the concept of word-of-mouth marketing over any other system. I sent a tweet out that read:

Best place to get a tattoo in #Indianapolis?

Within minutes I had multiple tweets from individuals telling me their favorite place to be tattooed in Indianapolis. Metamorphosis won over the rest because of the evangelists (customers) that love and cherish the work of the shop.

The sad part of this entire marketing test is that I was not contacted by a tattoo shop on Twitter. The other shops in Indianapolis may have missed an opportunity to influence my buying decision because they failed to use Twitter as a communication medium.

I will be heading over to Metamorphosis this week to get the tattoo priced and to finally get inked. Let this be a lesson to all… if you train your customers to be your Evangelists and they use Twitter… you should also join them on the platform.

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