(hat tip to Seth Godin for this wonderful post)

Mr. Godin is right when he says:

The irony, of course, is that they’ll (Wall-E, Pixar) make plenty of money. Bravery often pays off, even if paying off is not your goal. Especially if that’s not your goal.

Marketing isn’t always about pandering to the masses and shooting for the quick payoff. Often, the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all.

Is Mr. Godin speaking on one of my favorite topics: marketing authenticity? I am not necessarily sure. If you read the full post here , you will find that he is referencing the fact that QUALITY directly relates to the overall success. More often than not, you will not need to hook up the crack wheel and act like Robin William’s in Patch Adams. Sometimes all it takes is a quality product (Wall-E) and a quality communication tool (the Internet).

I can’t imagine the extreme amount of stress seeping from the Pixar offices. You have ONE movie a year to make a splash and to make money. ONE. Talk about a huge gamble!

Honestly, I envy Pixar’s trust in their product.

Take note! Take note business owners, entrepreneurs, product managers, and salesmen. This is a great example of confidence in your product offering. We should all have this kind of confidence.