I always love it when a group of Indianapolis tech nerds create a innovative widget/application/plugin.

Introducing: Connective Mobile WordPress Plugin

The Breakdown: from Douglas Karr’s post: WordPress: SMS Integration Plugin

One of the projects I’ve been working on this week has been a WordPress Plugin that allows direct SMS integration with Connective Mobile. The plugin is quite robust, with both an administrative interface and an author interface. The admin interface allows you to manage the integration’s features. The author interface allows you to add subscribers and send out messages to your text club subscribers.

The Beautiful Thing: Sending a broadcast text message to your subscribers!

I love the idea of connecting the blogging platform with SMS integration. I would find it very valuable to be able to send out a mass text messaging to all of my SMS subscribers. My hope is that users don’t abuse the priveledge of sending out SMS messages to their subscribers.

I am not a tech minded person so if you want to know more about the administrative details check out Douglas Karr’s post.