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Before you read my post I want to state that I LOVE the SocialMedian site and I am an avid follower of Jason Goldberg.

With that said…

I happen to agree with a lot of what Jason posts on Twitter and Friendfeed. Our political opinions vary but we agree on most concepts surrounding politics and government. I have been growing a little concerned with personal political opinions being used on a company branded communication platform. Jason uses his twitter account to post news items from Social|Median but he also uses that account for his personal

political viewpoints.

I am not judging how Jason runs his twitter account but a question should be raised when

it comes to the branding of a company.  Should personal politics be brought into the company communication medium? When you are trying to set an image of a company into a market is it best to keep neutral and just share information with your followers?

I have a feeling Jason and SocialMedian is putting off some users because of the political opinion of one of the creators using Twitter. When you are building a brand for your company is it best to leave personal opinions on the wayside?

This is a great question when it comes to branding a new startup. The personality of a company is directly related to the creators but how far can you go?

What do you think?