It is time for a roundup and the last two parts of the Social Media Marketing for Small Business posts.

Here is a look back at Parts 1-3.

Part 1: Prioritize, Plan, and Execute
Part 2: The Circle of Life
Part 3: Attention to Action

We have touched on many strategy elements when it comes to small businesses using social media for marketing and promotion. I wanted to talk quickly about the importance of having “social media mentors.”

Some of us are entrepreneurs with small business start-ups and having mentors to help with everyday occurences should be a strong part of our business routine. Andrew Hyde of StartupWeekend said it best on Chris Brogan’s blog:

Find Great Mentors. I think I have said this before, but it is slammed into my head by TechStars. It is the best thing you can have as a startup. Find them early, and listen as much as you can.

We should all have mentors. The same applies to social media use. Find a couple of industry leaders, as well as, local leaders to follow and ask questions. This should be applied beyond hiring a social media marketing company or a consultant to guide you in your social media use.

Social Media Mentors can give you great tips and benefits of using social media on a daily basis. This will help you hone your craft on top of your daily routine.

There is so much information shared on a daily basis that it is hard to seperate the good and the bad. Personally, I rely on some of my mentors to do this for me.

I wanted to list the couple of people that I am blessed to call my social media mentors (whether they know it or not). 🙂

Douglas Karr

Pat Coyle

Social Media mentors do not have to be different than your business mentor (mine happen to be).They can be anyone you trust to lead you in the right direction through your new media use.

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