I have met my fair share of Myspace haters the past few years. Admittingly I have become a hater. I really do despise the overall design and the “trashy” brand name Myspace has developed… I do. Now, just because I hate using the tool doesn’t mean I don’t respect their business prowess.

Mashable recently had a post talking about the new Citiforward Myspace Credit Card, which is a great business tool for Myspace to increase their $600M revenue posting from 2008. Whether or not you agree with the concept of credit cards or offering a social-networking card is not the reason for this post. The simple fact is that Myspace is owning the rest of social networking sites in terms of revenue.

The question still stands: Will Myspace be able to hang on to the business model they have created? Will Facebook actually figure out how to monetize 130M users? Will Twitter ever make money (Good luck)?

I can give the people over at Myspace my respect…because in terms of business…they own the market.

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