Curiosity is monumental when it comes to marketing. In the fast paced world of today where marketing is being droned down to a dull roar and people are ignoring everything they come in contact with, curiosity always reigns supreme.

A good “marketing definition of curiosity would be: Curiosity happens when someone feels a gap in their knowledge (Made to Stick, pg 84). It can be detrimental to a psyche when you feel the gap of knowledge when hearing, conversing, or seeing something you don’t quite understand.

Learning in the pursuit of knowledge is a universal trait in most human beings. When you feel the knowledge gap you scramble around trying to find something to fill it.

So many times companies try to throw the facts at their consumers without telling them why they need to learn it in the first place. “This is what makes our product work! It is a semi-conductor flex conductor.” Eventually they get to the need statement of the product but all the facts are thrown into the face of the consumer. I don’t care about the flex mumbo jumbo. How will it make my life easier!?

You can’t fill a hole that has already been filled. You need to dig the hole first to fill it in again. Dig a hole. Create a need and fill it.