Who was a huge fan of the old school American Gladiators show on TV? THIS GUY! Yah that’s right, I used to love watching the matches between competitors and the unstoppable, iron fisted gladiators. You could imagine my intense pleasure when I read that a NEW American Gladiators was going to be released onto the American TV Screens. I can’t explain to you the excitement I had to be able to watch my beloved Gladiators again.

I sat down last night with some popcorn, friends, and a bottle of Upland Beer (BUY IT, it is from a brewery in Bloomington), I cant’ really explain to you the feeling I had after watching an hour of the new and “improved” American Gladiators. I thought to myself, “Is American really this stupid?” I assume it was God, but my question was answered with a commercial for the WWE, apparently somebody is going to be laying the smack down tonight on a midget.

Long story short, American Gladiators was absolutely terrible. It was over produced and after the corniness factor I had more popcorn than I had started with.

What is happening to American entertainment? From the flopped broadcast or the Grammy Awards to the horrible CaveMan TV show, I feel like we becoming a Ray Liotta in the Silence of The Lambs 2 when Anthony Hopkins eats some of his brain.

Also, there was a Cadillac commercial right after the WWE. Enough said. Get a new VP of Marketing but keep your AD company because those commercials are amazing.

This is Ryan Seacrest, signing out.