I am a huge fan of Chris Baggott. Plain and Simple.
Chris is co-founder of a company called Compendium Blogware. Compendium is a brilliant blogging platform that is catered strictly in search, keywords, and acquisitions.From their website:

  • Get found online. Blog to improve organic search (SEO).
  • Generate demand. For your products or services.
  • Humanize your marketing. Build relationships with prospective customers

This morning I read a post from Chris called Business Blogging Lies & Truths. In the post Chris talks about the assumed lies of Business Blogging which is:

The vast majority of your blog traffic will come from search engines.   Companies have lot’s of ways to engage in relationships with exisitng customers.  Blogging is an acquisition strategy.

But customer generated content in enough volume to drive your progam in to any meaningful ROI?  It’s a lie.

I am having a hard time relating the concept of Humanizing Your Marketing when focusing so much emphasis on acquisition and search. I don’t think you can downgrade the concept of internal customer support and conversation driving meaningful ROI.

When a social media marketing or traditional marketing company says, “We want a system that will allow our Chief Blogging Expert to create a post and then our customers will come and comment….all kinds of good things will happen.” This does not mean they are going to have their customers writing content…it means they are involved in the conversation.

Humanizing your marketing means getting involved in the conversation.  This means spending time answering comments and suggestions… sending email to the people who commented on your post.

You want to know how to humanize your content? Be Involved.

The last thing I want to see is blogging turned into a marketing machine churning out countless bits of data just to beat a traditional SEO strategy in the Google rankings. AND the last thing I want to see on a blog category are keywords like :

The Best Social Media Marketing Firm in Indianapolis

Why would I ever click that category?

Blogging for search, acquisition, and sales is great but when you focus so much energy and time on search you will slowly begin to lose the human side of your blogging strategy.

I don’t think business blogging or blogging for search is killing the human element of blogging but it isn’t helping people balance both sides of the equation.

Can you find balance? I know we are all trying, measuring, and searching.

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