If you haven’t created a LinkedIn profile then you should get on it. There are 50 million users on LinkedIn who may looking for what you are doing or have the answers to your questions. LinkedIn is a free, powerful social media site that can connect you to many people and open doors for many opportunities. Like every social media site time management is key but to fully optimize your experience here are some useful tips.

Lewis Howes (co-author of “LinkedWorking”) has some great insight on how to optimize your profile on LinkedIn. We’ve all heard of SEO? If not, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which allows for a greater presence on the internent to increase traffic to your website. In order to ensure that your profile is in the top ranking when being searched on LinkedIn do the following:

1. Define what/who you are in one or two keywords (e.x. business coach)
2. Take that keyword(s) and place them strategically in 5 places on your profile:Headline, Current and Past Work Experiences, Summary and            Specialties
3. Within minutes (of doing this) you can SEO your profile. Seriously, try it!

Other ways to ensure greater success on LinkedIn is through groups, conversations and connections. LinkedIn provides opportunities for all of these thing to happen as long as you know how to add the most value to your profile.

1. Create groups. Groups equal contacts which create a frenzy of networking opportunities.
2. Ask questions.
3. Focus on one aspect. If have found your LinkedIn niche then focus on that and do it well. For instance, if you are good at connecting with the members of a group (you created) then interact with them, send messages, start discussions, ask questions etc…
4. Be consistent. Follow through with what you have set out to do. Whether that’s making connections or creating a group.
5. Add Value. Link up your blog, twitter, website whatever gives insight into who are you as a professional.

LinkedIn is easy to use so the more you give the more you will receive. It always feels better to give anyway.

Get started… Get going… Get searched… Do whatever…

Just do it the best way possible.