We talk a ton about quality over quantity. I need to take my own medicine.

I’m starting to see a shift in my own use of Twitter. I have been talking a lot about quality over quantity and the value of one-on-one relationships. I have realized I need to take advantage of my own advice.

It is time to purge the Twitter account. I need to start focusing more on the quality of the conversations I am experiencing on Twitter. What do you think about the quality over quantity approach?

5 Steps to Deleting Your STUPID Twitter Connections

1. I am going to unfollow all automatic feeds into Twitter. It doesn’t make sense… they do not talk back.

2. Keep following the people RT and respond to your posts. They are who matter! They are experiencing the value of communication and collaboration.

3. Pick 10 to 20 thought-leaders to follow. It doesn’t matter if they follow you back. They are there for education and sometimes “communication.” We cannot evolve unless we learn.

4. You can start to purge your connections by unfollowing people who do not follow you. Now, this does not mean you should be “upset” with people who do not follow you back. If they share great information… you should keep following them (See #3).

5. Do they have a logo as a picture. Eh? I would un-follow.

So remember the quality over quantity concept and start the process!

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