According to Mashable there are 20 hours of video uploaded every minute to Youtube.

Hold on one second..  Let me rephrase that for you.

Approximately 29,000 hours of online video content are uploaded to YouTube every.. single.. day.

This rising trend in uploading of video content is showing a transition with how people are communicating. We are demanding more visually stimulating information other than the blog posts, twitter tweets, and facebook messages.  The truth of the matter is this…

You are not going to be uploading video to YouTube in hopes of people searching for and finding the content inside of the site… You are going to be uploading the content to YouTube in order to broadcast it on other communication mediums (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Myspace, and more importantly.. your website).

So what is the best way for a business to use online video? There are two steps:

1. Find a video production company that can help with filming your video or buy a Flip Cam and record it yourself.

2. Call your best clients and ask them if you can feature them on your website.

Get your clients excited about becoming referral sources for your business and use video to push that message.  We are stimulated by the visual representation of the emotion WE want to feel.. Give your potential clients that feeling.

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