LinkedIn deserves a big “Thank you” from its millions of users with its new Company Follow feature. This feature lends itself to a multitude of tasks such as finding those coveted job openings, company developments and opportunities all which are current with the growing rate of companies using LinkedIn. So “Thank You” we all needed a little motivation and push toward the right direction.

Company Follow is beneficial for the Jobseeker in many ways. You can be among the first to know about the companies you follow in ways that benefit you. For instance, when employees, leave a company, join, are promoted and when a company is advertising a job oppurtunity through LinkedIn. All of these notifications can be delivered by email daily, weekly or whichever frequency you need. Get the most out of LinkedIn by taking advantage of the Company Follow feature.

1.Be selective of the companies you follow. It’s imperative to follow companies where you will be of greatest value and that have a good reputation.
3.Discover what hidden jobs these companies may have by staying current its news.
4.Who’s coming and going? Find out what jobs are opening or closing and why.
5.Promotions. A friendly congratualtions to an employee receiving a promotion can garner itself into a beneficail networking relationship
6. Know what “Top Dogs” have joined with the company. By knowing what Executives or Senior Managers have joined you can insight into what the company is doing, accomplishing, or needing, which could be window of oppurtunity.

Companies use LinkedIn for various ways such as building a community, gaining new talent, or watching its competition. The Company Follow feature will ensure greater success for using LinkedIn to it’s fullest potential.

1. A new stream of followers and potential employee oppurtuinity can be built. There is no restriction on the amount of companies a person can follow allowing a followers to build.
2. Pay attention to the competition. If anyone can follow you so can any company so know who is paying attention to you.
3. They said what? Know what the conversations surrounding your business are whether you like it or not. It’s better to know than not.
4. Keep your employees happy. By following your competitors you will know if they are in need of someone who could be found in your company. This provides you with an unique oppurtuinity to keep your employees happy in ways that matter most.
5. Follow freely. You won’t be blocked so follow your competitor to protect your company and find ,if needed, new employees.