It’s time for restaurants and cafes to move over and let the Nonprofits have some fun, after all its for a good cause. Foursquare can be used for any place yet the most popular “check-ins” seem to be at restaurants ,cafes and so forth. Nonprofits can utilize Foursquare to promote its causes. Here are 10 ways for non profits to use Foursquare.

10.Create a venue for the Nonprofit. Most likely, you already have a profile set up on Foursquare so create a venue for the nonprofit and             check-in!

9. Link to Twitter. If you link your foursquare profile with your Twitter account (nonprofit organization not personal) it will then be your username. e.g.

8.Add tips about the nonprofit. “Tips” are exactly what they mean. Yep, you got it. Write tips on why this nonprofit rocks, this will also allow you to link in the organizations’ website. Writing tips for a nonprofit venue has the same appeal of writing a tip for your favorite restaurant.

7. To Do lists. Another familiar concept you already know is a “To Do” list. Just add the nonprofit on your “To Do” list via Foursquare. Other users can add your “To Do” lists on to theirs and word of the nonprofit will spread.

6.Gain Insight. By using Foursquare non profit’s can key into what their audiences care about, what they do and how to interact better with the people who support its cause.

5. Where in the World? Foursquare can literally be used worldwide. This means campaigns can be supported whether down the street or overseas.

4. Thank you. Badges, Mayor and points allow you to see who are most active with the non profit. The people with the most points receive badges or become mayors of locations.  You may not be able to give them discounts or specials but you can definitely say “thank you”. It helps the nonprofit build relationships by recognizing its strong supporters.

3.Listen. Along with saying, “Thank You” to your loyal Foursquare supporters. Listen to them by reading what tips have been written, if your on their “To Do” lists and how often people are actually checking in. By paying attention to these details your nonprofit can gauge why, how and what makes your non profit stand out. Listening goes a long way in a culture of noise.

2. Keeping Your Nonprofit Relevant. Foursquare has an analytics feature that allows businesses to track trends, usage, demographic, total checkins, if information was shared via Facebook and Twitter. So when planning campaigns, fundraisers or just raising awareness this feature can help determine where to start. Keep your nonprofit relevant by knowing who cares and supports its cause and taking action based on where its most popular.

1.Team up. Restaurants and non profits have been getting along for years. Now team up in a non traditional way. For example, When people check-in to the restaurant let them know that a 15% of the meal will go to the cause. This is a vague example but you get the idea. Set a goal and team up with a restaurant to create awareness, increase donations or interact with supporters. This will also provide another opportunity for your nonprofit to say, “Thank you.”