We (Brandswag) have regular conversations with the good folks over at the Taylor MBA program. They are a great school and are always in tune and up-to-date with changes in communication technology. Taylor MBA’s head honcho, Larry Rottmeyer, forwarded me an article from the Havard Business Review names Let Gen Y Teach Teach. The article is about older generations finding a younger mentor.

This is a new concept to me. In pre and post college years you are told constantly to find older mentors who have the ability to guide you through the difficult parts of life and business. I am a huge advocate of the younger generations finding mentors. I would not be where I am today without the guidance of some key people in my life. That point… is for certain.

Time Warner has decided to take the lead on a reverse mentoring program which gives younger individuals the chance to mentor the older generation.

I find it fascinating that this conversation is taking place among the business and technology elite around the globe. There should always be a give and take relationship when it comes to a mentoring position… both young and old. This gives the younger generation (my generation) the ability to show their skills in things that may be deemed as unnecessary to some…in the older generations.

The fact is… technology is going to change the face of how we do business… it happens in every generation. It is comforting to know some are taking a valiant leap towards learning more about the world of communication technology.

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