Kodak has been doing some interesting things in social media over the past couple of years. Leave it up to the photo giant to release a Kodak_SocialMediaTips_Aug14 describing their experience using the tools. There is some extremely valuable insight from the Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Hayzlett. I thought I would lay out some of the key points he made in his introduction letter at the beginning of the report.

“Why do I take the time to use social media like Twitter and Facebook? Because in today’s media landscape, it’s vitally important to be where our customers are. Kodak has always embraced this marketing philosophy, and today that means being active in social media.”

This is a huge step for corporations to make when using social media as a tool for communication. It is encouraging to see a c-level executive using and relating to the tools within the social media world.

“Social media has enabled new ways to initiate conversations, respond to feedback and maintain an active dialogue with customers.”

“I strongly believe that if you get involved in social media, it will grow your brand, strengthen the connection between you and your customers and keep you grounded and aware of what people really think about your company. It’s well worth the time invested.”

Kodak is making pretty large strides into the world of online communication. The research report is pretty simple but powerful in the same way. For many social media users the information contained in this report may seem secondary knowledge… but for the majority of the CEOs, CMOs, and business owners in the world… it is a light shining through the darkness.

Well done Kodak… Well done.

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