I started using FriendFeed around 2 months ago. For around a month it turned into an all out obsession! I remember spending four hours constantly updating my feed until 3am. I would like to think I was discovered by Louis Gray through FriendFeed and I started making some great connections in the social media fanatics circle.

Recently I have dropped off using FriendFeed. I though about it tonight while working in Starbucks. I ask myself, “why have I not been posting on the feed?”

There are a couple of reasons that could be playing into my lack of FriendFeed usage,

1. I was burned out on the information overload of constant use for a month. This doesn’t say much for someone who calls themselves a social media fanatic.

2. Business has really picked up in the last few months. Bringing on employees in two locations and trying to learn how to manage people has taken my time down to nil.

3. I don’t receive updates via email other than a feed recount. I am inundated daily from other networks on updated and friend additions.

All of the above could be contributing to my lack of use but I haven’t quite put my finger on it. I need to make a more conscious effort to spend more time on FriendFeed. I love the platform and find it extremely useful when it comes to information and blogging content.

This is my apology to FriendFeed. I will use you more. I will. I swear. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, please tell me how you overcame your lack of use.