Why Are You Taking My Content Out of Context?

Posted By on Sep 26, 2011 | 2 comments

As many of you know, I wrote a blog post last week titled, Do Not Hire Young Entrepreneurs. They Have No Experience. The post was extremely well received and generated a ton of content and comments. However, I have had a couple of people extremely upset.

I will be the first to say that I tend to write some emotional content. I am also someone that will always publicly admit that I am wrong.

Doug’s post sparked the discussion which lead to two blogs being published here. The readers started blaming Doug for not being supportive of the younger generation. This was not the case and not something that I wanted to portray. Doug hires young people and he was a huge support when I first started my consulting firm.


While I am not sorry for writing the post, I did unfairly characterize Doug’s content and Doug himself. And for that, I am apologizing. I do think that the overall conversation needed to happen but not at the expense of Doug.

This leads me to my next statement.

Marketers tend to be highly emotional and creative people. We also tend to write opinionated articles. Should you always ask an individual before you publishing something about them? Good or bad?




  1. Kyle – thanks for setting the record straight. At it's core, blogging should be a conversation so I'm not sure you should have to check with the other party before writing about them. I do think it's important to respectfully and accurately enter that conversation – especially if it's a debate. I guess if you have the person's email address on hand, writing them a short note and asking them to comment could make for a better blog post.

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    • I didn't ask Doug if I could ask him this, "Are you saying you should have gotten a note inviting you to participate?"

      With the possible exception of one troll, who (if you think about it) did provide some catalyst for the continued nature of the debate, it was pretty stimulating conversation and did make me rethink a few things.

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