I have been reading some interesting posts lately. Just thought I would share.

1. Urbanophile: Urban Affairs and the Future of the Mid-Western City
What I Am Reading: Detroit Do The Collapse:

“I lead with this because it is so common to blame the UAW and its $73/hour or some such wage packages for the problems facing the Big Three. And indeed in the modern era that is not sustainable.”:

2. Social Media Explorer: Great Blog about Social Media by Jason Falls and Kat French
What I Am Reading: Exploring Social Media (Without Getting Fired)

“…ignoring that a company isn’t ready to actively, directly engage customers in social media and just doing it anyway is sort of like dragging your 11-year-old screaming and crying onto a rollercoaster he clearly doesn’t want to ride at the amusement park…”

3. Pixel Bits: We all Mona and I love what she writes about. Everything weird and techie.
What I Am Reading: Websites are the New Scrunchies

“Well, you guys, when that happens? It is NOT your faults. Nor is it your computers’ faults. It is really not you, but the websites’ and the companies’ faults, for dressing up the interfaces with useless code.”

4. Being Peter Kim: Thoughts on Digital Media and Technology
What I Am Reading: Comments on The Next Digital Era

“A decline in overhead costs as a huge development for the communications industry. Social media continue to obliterate the traditional economics of media production, distribution, collaboration and R&D. Organizational functions that were once money- and time-suckers become increasingly inductive. – Josh Shabtai

5. Louis Gray.com: Silicon Valley Blog for early adopters, technology geeks, RSS addicts and MAC Freaks
What I Am Reading: This post is by Michael Fruchter via Louis Gray: 15 Tips on Improving Search Engine Visibility

“Over the years, I have studied and tested various methods, guidelines and techniques for generating search engine traffic. Back in 1997, I took on paid clients and SEO became a full time career for a few years. AltaVista was the dominant leader in search in those days.”

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