I have a problem. It is something that I have dealt with my entire life and no matter how many times I try to change… it never goes away. I am unorganized. I have papers everywhere and I try to keep my room clean but it never happens. Now, there is a method to my chaos and I would like to say it is being chaotically organized. I am creative! Give me a break! And I have a brilliant staff and partner at Brandswag to keep us running and me sane.

Tara Hunt, the author of the Whuffie Factor, talks about the importance of embracing the chaos when building out a social media plan and strategy:

“Embracing the chaose of community mean letting go of the need to plan everything and the fantasy that you can control any given situation. Instead of building up plans and structure, you should be building flexibility and environment awareness into campaigns. You need to be hyperaware. ” (pg 205)

Sometimes this is a hard thing for business owners to swallow.

“You mean… You want me to not plan, structure, and prioritize everything?”

It is important to remember that social media in and of itself is organized chaos. There are millions upon millions of people intermingling and communicating on a daily basis all over the world. Now, it is important to remember that strategy plays a huge role in the success of a social media plan but if you do not let the COMMUNITY drive the STRATEGY… you will be at a loss.

As marketers, business owners, advertising executives, and sales directors… we are not here to broadcast a message. We can no longer control the organized chaos of the consumer. The consumer now controls the message. If we do not let nature take its course… we will be left holding a balance sheet..

and mark my words… it will be red.

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