There have been plenty of conferences I have attended that shout from the rooftops about being successful like Donald Trump and building a better future. They talk about the world as if it were a malleable piece of clay. There has also been conference I have attended surrounding the idea of building a better story in your life and who wouldn’t want to attend a conference about bettering your life! I’m not talking about the “live your best life now” or a smiling Tony Robbins raining his praises and neural linguistic fueled smile down upon his followers. I’m talking about a bare bones build out of how to live your life and tell an unforgettable story.

We are all living in a script filled world… do you want the best script or one that is tossed?

Every piece of marketing is a story. Everything you do is followed by a story line. There are inciting incidents in life that bring on success or failure. The same applies to marketing. Are you telling the true story of your brand?

In writing, an inciting incident is the moment a script kicks a story into motion. It occurs after the setup of the characters/plot and everything that follows should be a result of that incident. It’s where a story really begins. In movies, there is usually one inciting incident that changes the landscape of the storyline so drastically that you have to watch for the end result.The same idea applies to your life. However, you will have multiple inciting incidents (both good and bad) that will help build your story over the course of your life.

I can now pinpoint different “inciting incidents” that have formed my opinion of life. Can you think of different inciting incidences that have formed the future of the top companies in the world? I can think of a few.

Your story is the only thing that is actually yours in life. You have the ability to tell your story in any way you see it. Do you want the main character of your story to be healthy? Do you want them to be successful and live a fulfilled life? Or do you want to live a tragedy.

The same storyline applies to your business or job. Are you doing everything in your power to write a successful story for your employees? Are you building a place where people feel fulfilled? Are you creating a brand that moves people to engage, give, and buy?

There is beauty behind the concept of rewriting your story. We are all on this path towards an ending. What type of conflicts, successes, mountain and valleys are you going to take to reach the climax of your life?

Are you striving to write a better story?

I wouldn’t be surprised…. that by writing a better story for yourself…. everything else will fall into line.