Lorraine Ball and myself decided to make a list of 50 of the top bloggers in Indianapolis. Let me give you the run down of how people made the list.

This is not ranked.

50 could be bigger than number 1.

I made the decision on who to make the list by updates on who I read. I read most of the blogs on the list. If you have not updated for the month of November you were not placed on the list.

I apologize ahead of time for anyone I have forgotten. Now. Enjoy

1. Douglas Karr: Technology and everything web
Recent Post: StumbleUpon Continues to Feed My Blog

2. Erik Deckers: Humor:
Recent Post: Sport Stacking: Pretty Cool, But It’s Not A Sport:

3. Hazel Walker: Referral Marketing and Networking
Recent Post: Your Reputation and Networking

4. Amy Magan: Lighthearted fare about Diet Coke, Scrabble and other encounters with life.
Recent Post: Wordless Wednesday: Food Fun

5. Jeb Banner: Web Design and Everything Media
Recent Post: Secrets of Psychic Web Pages by Small Box EXPOSED

6. Patric Welch: Technology Consultant
Recent Post: When You Think Netflix Don’t Think Just Movies

7. Pat Coyle: Sports Marketing
Recent Post: Will Young Fans Choose Virtual Over Reality?

8. Lorraine Ball: Small Business Marketing
Recent Post: My Top 50 Blogs

9. Colin Clark: Social Media Guru
Recent Post: Changing Marketing Hubs

10. Chris Baggott: Blogging and SEO
Recent Post: Blogs for Business: My Lunch with a Real Estate Company

11. Susan Davis: Day Nursery Blog
Recent Post: Setting the Turkeys Free

12. Jason Bean: Technology and all things web
Recent Post: Pockets Can Be Dangerous in Cold Weather

13. Casey Mullins: Pretty much the best mommy blogger I know. 🙂
Recent Post: The Beach Has Gone to the Dogs

14. Matt Zentz: Practical Internet Marketing
Recent Post:Website Chauffeurs

15. Tom Britt: Information about Geist, Indiana
Recent Post: Geist Clubhouse Issue Headed for a Vote

16. CJ McClanahan: Business Org and Management:
Recent Post: Mistakes

17. Amy Stark: One of the smartest people I know and NFP extraordinaire!
Recent Post: One Laptop Per Child

18. Nicki Laycoax: Crazy. Cool. Marketer
Recent Post: Need to Know More About Your Network? Use Twitter

19. Mark Juleen: Pretty much the coolest guy ever and everything marketing
Recent Post: Social Media & Music Story of the Year

20.Aaron Renn: Urban Enthusiast and a “thinker”
Recent Post: The Facts on the Ground

21. Rodger Johnson: Public Relations
Recent Post: For Business Sake Create a Corporate Blog!

22. Megan Glover: Blog Content, Marketing and SEO
Recent Post: Compendium Client – Estridge Homes named in recent article.

23. Ken Moore: Career Counseling, Resume Writing
Recent Post: How To Avoid 3 Common Job Search Mistakes

24. Brad Ruggles: Marketing, Social Media, Design, Religion
Recent Post: Watch. Think. Discuss

25. Chuck Gose: Cellular Digital Signage
Recent Post: Updates From The Strategy Institute

26. Duncan Alney and Chad Richards: Social Media, Marketing, Design
Recent Post: Obama Marketing

27. Erin McMahon: Social Media NFP and the Internet
Recent Post: Does Twitter Ranking Constitute Vanity?

28. William Brown: Sports, College, Education
Recent Post: Colleges Tackle Climate Change at AASHE…

29. Jacob Leffler: Amazing Designer and Visionary
Recent Post: Madison Avenue Biggies See Digital Media As Stable

30. Justin Clupper: Digital Signage and Other Fun Things
Recent Post: I hate to say it… but Digital Signage is Old

31. Matt Breeden: Sports Law and Everything Sports
Recent Post: $500,000 in Fees To Fire Sampson?

32. Andy Horning: Government and the Constitution
Recent Post:OK, So Now What?

33. Scott Henderson: MediaSauce Creative Blog
Recent Post: Why Won’t You Listen? AirTran Loses.

34. Noah Coffey: Technology and Web
Recent Post:Win a Nintendo WII from Mr. Noobie

35. Kevin Makice: Indiana University Professor
Recent Post A Very Long Wait

36. Stephen James:Designer, Thinking, Just plain Awesome
Recent Post: CSSsprite: Photoshop script combines two images for CSS hover

37. Deb New: connecting ideas between business and communication
Recent Post:
Talk the Talk with Gen Y

38. Joe Wikert: Future Visions of Print, Online, Video and All Media
Recent Post: An Interesting New Publishing Model

39. Chris Lucas: Sports and Information
Recent Post: Rich Rod Is Right

40. Michelle Hartz: Design, Branding, and Dreams
Recent Post: Four Foods on Friday

41. Ed Illig: Branding and Design
Recent Post: Yes, It’s Shameless Self Promotion

42. Hoosierati: Culture and Humanitarian Concepts in Indiana
Recent Post: Master the Technology and Share The Cookies

43. Ruth Holladay: Ex-Journalist and an Amazing Writer. I love reading this blog
Recent Post: Gannett fans flames of resentment with deep sacrifices comments.

44. Emily Sutherland: Everything Gaither.. and some personal stuff 🙂
Recent Post: Wes In A Booster Seat

45. Hope Baugh: Everything Theatre.. This is a great blog.
Recent Post: More Alike Than Not: Stories of Three Americans

46. TheContent Wrangler: Content is a business asset
Recent Post: DITA Metrics: Developing Cost Metrics

47. Brad Ward: Social Media and Education
Recent Post:The Good Project Graveyard [Part 1]

48. Neil Cox: Thoughts on Serving People and Christian Community
Recent Post: 7 Ways To Bring About Change

49. Santina Sullivan: Marketing, Consulting, and PR
Recent Post: Product Placements and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

50. John Wooten: Marketing, Social Media, and Web Design
Recent Post: New Site: Kristie Blankenhorn

51. Nila Nealy: Branding, Branding, Branding, and Design
Recent Post: It Really Is The Little Things

52. Susan Conyers: Marketing Professional and Twitterati
Recent Post: A Reality Based Argument

If you know of anyone else that has been a great blogger in Indianapolis. Please place their name and url in the comment box. I want them to be added to the list.

You can find many more Indianapolis and Indiana bloggers at Smaller Indiana.

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