I have the pleasure of chatting it up with Jay Baer, New York Time’s best selling author and head honcho over at Convince & Convert, weekly concerning digital marketing news and trends. Most of the videos are published over at the ExactTarget blog and on our YouTube account. I would encourage you to check all of them out. However, here are the top ten.

1. Facebook is Becoming Two-Faced. What Are They Doing?

2. Adventures in the New Google Inbox

3. The Future of Instagram Video

4. Will Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards Work?

5. Should Brands Use SnapChat?

6. Should You Care About the Death of Google Reader?

7. If Aren’t Great at Email Marketing You Shouldn’t Be Doing Social

8. Is Your Social Media Strategy a Puppy or a Dog?

9. RedBull and Content Marketing – The Power of Content

10. Remember this Day – The Launch of Facebook Collections