I have been in countless conversations with industry professionals about the importance of grammar when writing a blog or participating in social media. Many people place massive amounts of importance on using correct grammar and punctuation.

To be honest, I have been mystified by the “utmost importance” of using correct grammar when writing a blog. Let me state for the record that you cannot sound like a complete idiot. You need to be able to complete sentences and write in some form of rational thought… but that is not what is of importance.

The truth is not in grammar but in the content of your blog. I can read a blog that is perfect in every aspect of the English language. The spelling is perfect. There are NO run on sentences. Commas and parentheses are placed in the exact form that would make any English professor smile. And yet… the content is absolutely horrid.

Give me terrible grammar and great content any day of the week.

When you are writing a blog whether it is for thought leadership or news and information.. it is important to focus on the content before anything else. You do need to be conscious of spelling because it is easy (Spell check anyone?).

Now..there are cases where I can admit grammar plays a role. If you are writing a public relations blog or a English/grammar content… it is important to focus on correct grammar.

There are times when focusing toooooo intently on correct grammar can kill your content. Just make sure you are focusing on the right thing.

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