Now that LinkedIn is worth roughly $2 billion they’ve begun to make some investments of their own. These investments as read from are due mostly to encourage more social interaction on the site. The solution is mSpoke, a technology platform coined with empowering consumers to make media relevant. We’ve seen LinkedIn amping up its site through the Groups feature and more Facebook-like features such as a news feed and more sharing options.

LinkedIn hopes these changes will get users contributing more to the site. mSpoke’s technology will create a more advanced news feed for LinkedIn users where the most important features will be highlighted based off your network. LinkedIn has also already launched new ways to share links which are also similar to Facebook and Twitter. Here’s the run down on the new link sharing.

1. When you copy and paste links into the status update box and click “attach a link,” an image and article excerpt will be pulled up.

2. Control over your posts. You now have the chance to edit and delete posts.

3. You can now share posts with others from your network with the re-share button. Don’t worry the person you got the post from gets credit.

4. LinkedIn now has their own official url shortener:

LinkedIn is continuing the quest in connecting people together and is growing more in users (and dollars) everyday. It seems to me that LinkedIn will soon be the complete package. Plus it is easy to navigate and the connections made on LinkedIn can be some great opportunities not found on other more “fun” sites. In what ways would you like to see LinkedIn become more interactive?