There is a black plague sweeping across the Twitter world… a force threatening to destroy the very piece of personality that we all love..The black plague fills up your inbox with dank… meaningless fodder and then throws your account into a chaotic mess. We are all infected with this disease… at least once or twice a day.

We have all experienced it.. The Hard-Sell Auto DM

The virus looks something like this:

BoyIwantMoney: Welcome, thanks for following me. Generate A Massive Following On twitter..http://www.thinkpowerfulnow…

We are just not getting to the bottom of the HS-ADM virus. Unfortunately there are some 25 million people infected with this virus on a daily basis. What are we to do? Well… let me tell you my friend… you are lucky that a vaccination has been developed to help rid you of the HS-ADM virus. We have developed a 5 step method to help. If you receive an Auto-DM that has anything to do with multi-level marketing, power juice, or building your following you 60,000… the following steps are for you.

5 Steps to Ridding Yourself of the HS-ADM Virus

1. Respond to the “infected” by replying (@BoyIwantMoney) to them in the open Twitter sphere. Make sure the world knows that they are using Auto-DM. Also make sure you are very clear to the culprit that you would appreciate them NOT using HS-ADM. This may not deter other individuals from sending an Auto-DM but it will help.

2. Send an DM back to the culprit and tell them that you do not appreciate them spreading HS-ADM and you would be grateful if they STOPPED!

3. After receiving an HS-ADM un-follow the infected IMMEDIATELY and tell them why you are un-following them.

4. Send the infected this link from TweeterBlog: Tweetlater Opt Out Instructions. And please… do it yourself.

5. Sign my Auto-DM Petition here. Click here to sign.

There are a few strands of HS-ADM that are okay. If the infected tries to sell you something via direct message… you need to enact the 5 steps. Now, if it is a welcome message that says hello and thanks for following.. it is okay… even though they are still infected. Make sure you judge accordingly.

Hopefully we will all be able to rid ourselves of the HS-ADM. If not.. God help us all.

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