It is difficult to find a year that mirrors the amount of change that was experienced in the world of marketing technology / consumer behavior world than 2013. The rise in mobile consumption and commerce is staggering. However, it is important that we truly understand the changes that are ongoing in the world of marketing communications and technology.

I’ve spent the last year presenting at over 40 conferences on the technology trends, consumer behavior and the future of marketing. Yesterday, I published my five predictions for next year on the ExactTarget blog. They are as follows :

  • Smart Machines
  • Internet of Things
  • Wearable Technology
  • Location-Based Mobile Commerce
  • Collaborative Consumption

From collaborative consumption to wearable technology, brands must understand the importance of allowing consumers to fold into the product (and vice versa). To succeed with Smart Technology, marketers must understand that smart machines and wearable technology aren’t in their hands but in the hands of societal, economic, and tech-driven factors. The one-to-one future will be built on our ability to allow technology to help define the relationship.

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