Go. Go. Go. Go.
Faster… Stronger… Better
I have to get it out… if I don’t… I will not be heard! I can’t let it go… I have to get out there!
Go. Go. Go. Go.

It is exhausting…. and yet somewhat fulfilling.

Every business owner can relate to this exhausting form of competitive spirit that overlaps everything from social media marketing to traditional marketing. You have to be first… You have to be the best… You have to be ahead.

I was scanning my Twitter feed this morning and Roger Byrne of Social Media Fish had a great post:

In your search to be the fastest and most comprehensive news provider on Twitter take a breath and be human (@imrogb)

It wasn’t a connection for me in terms of being the “fastest and most comprehensive news provider on Twitter.” I could really care less on how fast a tweet is sent out or how many “lists” I am on. I don’t know about you…. but sometimes I forget about the concept of taking a breath and being human. You get caught up in the race… in the push to be better… you forget about the fundamentals of running a business and your life.

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