Frankly I am getting tired of seeing the “Grow Your Twitter Followers 10x Faster” crap that is rolling across my dashboard every thirty seconds. When are we going to reach the point when marketers realize that screaming to the masses is not going to yield the same return that it did 20, 30, or 40 years ago? Many marketers view social media as another way to scream at people with a message… albeit a more niche mass… but it is still the same process. And it is going to kill you in the long run.

Design a message and broadcast it as much as possible. You know… Repetition, Repetition, Repetition…it is the best form of marketing!

Give me a break.

The the last thing you should be doing as a communication professional is trying to figure out how to scream… louder, faster, and stronger… by using social media. This does not show any type of intelligence on the part of your company. This does not show any type of evolution in strategy or marketing concepts. There is a reason why businesses evolve, adapt, and change.

When is the last time you acted friendly towards somebody screaming at you… unless it was Bono at his concert? And even then… it is kind of annoying.

Put down the megaphone and use social media as a communication tool and not a screaming tool.

But most of all… listen… and then talk.

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