Most of us have a close group of friends in which we share time and energy. Being of the millennial generation (24 years old) most of my close friends are under the age of 30. I attended a going away party for a friend moving to Nashville, TN and we had the normal conversation centered around sports and daily life. Occasionally our conversation shifts to the Internet where we discuss Second Life, blogging, social media, and other topics of interest.

Being a Social Media Nerd, I am usually the individual who talks about certain topics and new things I learned on FriendFeed and through my Google Reader. The interesting thing about all of this is the face that my friends are complete novices when it comes to the idea of blogging and social media. I mean most of us are on Facebook but the majority of my millennial friends have no idea how to blog.

It was an interesting concept to consider. Many of the individuals I follow on FriendFreed, Twitter, and through Google Reader are over 30. Is micro-blogging/twitter/sms more of a communication medium rather than blogging for the millennial generation?

I know that I haven’t completed any type of research centered around this topic but it struck me as odd that I do not know of any millennial (in my social circle) that were blogging regularly. Other than Brad Ward of SquaredPeg. Does anyone have research catered to this subject?

Are we going to see a decrease in “true” blogging?