A little late… but you always save the best for later…. right? 🙂

Twitter is paying attention to what its social media users want. Like fellow social media sites Twitter is working on a new business feature. This feature is  to be called “Twitter Business Center,” and will gradually make its way to the public. So far only a couple accounts have access to the feature while Twitter refines and polishes it. The business feature will allow businesses to  customize its profile, verify it with a badge, select extra preferences, and add extra contributors so that other people can tweet from one account.

A cool feature is the verification badge. As soon as set up it is verified and the verification badge will show up on the profile (in the past Twitter was selective in allowing accounts to be verified). Another interesting feature will allow businesses to direct message between followers and non followers. For instance, I can DM a company about bad customer service and they can respond without having to follow me back first. It will also be beneficial to have more contributors allowed on the site to keep the profile up-to-date and less overwhelming.

This feature is still in the works with many questions surrounding its cost, tools and debut. For now, to all you lucky businesses that are it testing out, make the best of it!

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