Last night, I was reading a blog by Christopher Stuzman of Forrester called The Five Habits of Adaptive Marketers. Great post. You should definitely check it out. In the blog Chris discusses the different steps marketers need to take in order to survive the fast changing climate of marketing (both digital and traditional). At the very beginning of the blog Chris states:

“I recently interviewed a top marketing executive who summed up her journey to becoming a digital-era marketer by saying, “If you feel comfortable, you’re not transforming.” It might sound cliche, but today’s most successful marketers are wholeheartedly embracing the “no pain, no gain” mentality.”

He continues to say that most marketers are living the “all pain and no gain” world of digital marketing. There is a huge difference between embracing and experiencing. There are also major bad habits that marketers and businesses should break while changing and adapting!

Many of you might be reading this post saying to yourself, “Yes, yes. Of course we need to change to adapt! I’ve heard it all before. I’ve listened to the Tony Robbins’ tape. I know.” We know and then we don’t. It’s easy for us to say that we are changing. We are adapting to the changing world! We are trying to move from disparate marketing functions to an integrated channel marketing approach.

It is pretty simple.

Do you feel comfortable with your marketing campaigns? Do you feel secure with your email and mobile campaign? Have you perfected the art of direct marketing?

If you answered yes to any of those questions… you are moving towards denial which will quickly turn into despair. Adapting to the changing environment is key to the success of all marketing campaigns. Whether social media or mobile, the consumer is moving faster than we could ever imagine. They are changing preference and buying habits. Thumbing their nose at the interactive marketing professional.

It is up to us to take the data and tools… adapting with the environment.

It is up to us to feel uncomfortable and witness the result. How are you adapting and changing?